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Example of Officer in Shooting Simulator:

Sample Simulator Videos:

Video Information:

There are 20 policing scenarios, each with two White male suspects and two Black male suspects. Each suspect appears once with a gun and once without a gun. Total of 160 videos.


*Scenario 1: Son Opens Door  

Dispatch call from a mother reporting that her son is in her house and is with his friends playing with a gun, “probably not a real gun, just a replica or bb gun.” Wants the police to get it out of her house.
Scene opens with two officers approaching door to house and knocking. After a few seconds door opens, son has right hand behind the door.

*Scenario 2: Store Lobby

Dispatch to store because of irate customer.
Scene opens with officer arriving, customer throwing objects and yelling. As officer enters scene, TARGET sees officer, moves back and around to avoid officer getting too close.

*Scenario 3: Sleeping Car

Dispatch of two people sleeping in a car in a private area. Dispatch comes with information that car had been stolen in armed carjacking night before.
Scene opens with officer approaching car, two people sleeping in it. Officer taps on window. Target has hand under coat so it’s not visible.

*Scenario 4: Mall Fight

Dispatch information is a 911 call with a fight in front of mall, report of a gun on the scene.
Scene opens as officer approaches parking lot, sees two men fighting. Gets out of car and approaches.

*Scenario 5: Suspicious Person at Home

NIGHT SCENE. Officer responding to dispatch call of suspicious person on homeowner’s property.
Scene opens with officer walking toward backyard garage.

*Scenario 6: Pullover with Cane

NIGHT SCENE. Scene opens with officer having pulled over a pickup truck for swerving between lanes or other erratic driving. While officer is in car, man exits vehicle limping, goes to back of truck, pulls out either cane or shotgun.

*Scenario 7: Tires in Warehouse

Officer responding to suspicious activity of men rolling tires out of a warehouse into their van.
Scene opens with officer arriving outside a warehouse. They see an individual with tires rolling them out of the warehouse.

*Scenario 8: Armed Store Robbery

Officers spot man matching description of armed robbery suspect. Scene opens with officers driving looking for suspect and spot him on the sidewalk heading toward a car.

*Scenario 9: Car Runner

NIGHT SCENE. Dispatch is that officers are responding to vehicle driving wrong way down the road and running lights.
Scene opens with officer locating car which has crashed into pole. Man gets out and runs, officers chase.

*Scenario 10: Domestic with Man Running

Officers responding to call for domestic disturbance, wife calls saying husband threatened her with a gun and is stopping her from leaving house.
Scene opens with two officers at home door. Man runs out the back door. One officer stays in front while the other gives chase.

*Scenario 11: Boyfriend Guns in the Air

Dispatch is that woman called police, had gotten into a fight with boyfriend, and that he was outside shooting a gun into the air.
Scene opens with officers arriving at house, Target has gun firing in air. Sees officers arriving, runs into house. Officers approach house. Target exits house after a second or two.

*Scenario 12: Barbershop

Reports of man harassing customers and refusing to leave Barbershop.
Scene opens with officer entering barbershop. Owner directs officer to suspect, who is slouched on bench in back of barbershop.

*Scenario 13: Traffic pullover

Scene opens with target is inside of his car, pulled over just ahead of the police car. Two officers exit the squad car and approaches the suspect's car on, camera on the passenger’s side as a supporting officer. The target has the window down and is glaring at the officer. Suspect acting nervous with the officer.
As the interaction between the driver and driver’s-side officer is going on, Camera is shining flashlight in car and looking around inside.

*Scenario 14: Domestic: Boyfriend out of house

Scene opens with two officers in front of the door to a house. A woman opens the door. She has been waiting for over an hour for the police to arrive and kick out her boyfriend, all are agitated.

*Scenario 15: Domestic, reports of threat with gun

Scene opens with officers at the door to a house. A man and woman can be heard screaming at each other inside. Officers knock and enter, man drags woman to bedroom while yelling at each other.

*Scenario 16: Traffic Pullover, Exits Vehicle

Scene opens with suspect car pulled over to the side of the road. Officer is standing behind the open door of his squad car. The suspect is inside of his car, pulled over just ahead of the officer’s car. The suspect opens his door and exits the vehicle walks just a few steps towards the officer. He is agitated and angry with the officer for pulling him over.

*Scenario 17: Arresting suspect, chase to gate

NIGHT SCENE. Officers identify suspect in alley around the corner. Approach and suspect gives chase, runs around side corner but gets stopped by locked gate. Officers follow.

*Scenario 18: Arresting suspect, no chase

NIGHT SCENE. Officer responds to call for drunken man in alley. Man is urinating, belligerent.  

*Scenario 19:  Call to bar for disruptive patron refusing to leave

 Scene opens with officer entering bar after closing time and sees drunk customer who won't leave. Suspect runs on other side of tables to block officer, gives chase.

*Scenario 20: Suspicious person looking in car windows at parking lot

Scene opens with the officer walking in a parking lot towards the target from about 30 feet away. The target is looking into car windows. He looks like he’s trying to see if there is anything valuable inside.
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